Remember those sleek ford cars that catch your eyes? Those black metallic beauties that scream “buy me!!!!” well, the company making those gorgeous darlings, Ford Motors, was started by Henry ford in 1903 and since then it has seen tremendous success in its sales world over being one of the world leading players in the mobile industry.

The company’s first car MODEL A had a 2-cylinder engine and could reach a speed of 30mph. though MODEL A was a huge success, its popularity could not be compared with MODEL T which was created five years later.

Orders were placed from across the countries and the company had to come up with new inventive ways for mass production to meet up with the high demand. In 1911, Ford Motors went across the world to Manchester to build its first overseas branch.

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In order to meet the high demand for their cars, ford motors had to drastically increase production. They made history by introducing the first moving assembly line in 1913 at highland assembly plant. An assembly line is basically different machines or people working hand in hand to build up a car.

The machines don’t usually work at the same time; some fix a part first before moving it to another machine that carries out its own duties. The assembly line drastically increased their production speed and they were able to keep up with demand.

It had up to a hundred and forty (140) assemblers that worked along a 50-foot line to assemble parts. By about 1920, Ford Motors had over 20 overseas assembly plants and was the largest automobile producer in America. Its popularity seemed only grew from then on.

In 2008, Ford Motors along with two other huge automobile companies had financial issues and were facing going bankrupt. The American government through the troubled asserts relief program (TARP) came to their aid and Fords Motors pulled through without filing for bankruptcy.

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They have steadily grown higher since then and can proudly say that they have stayed strong for the last hundred years and will continue to grow bigger.

Ford motors have been in investing in the making of cars that are eco-friendly. They have succeeded in making hybrid and electronic cars and as of today, are now the leading sellers of such automobiles.

At the beginning of this year, ford motors announced that they would be focusing on the manufacturing of hybrid and electric cars, pick-ups, and SUV’s. They are also working towards creating more comfortable and luxurious cars using advanced technologies to consumers’ driving experiences comfortable and luxurious.

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