ECU Reprogramming

The ECU has full control over your car engine’s management; it’s essential when it comes to handling the vital functions.

Quite often these can be damaged due to Water or Jump Starting. It’s quite common for this to affect the ECU. We then need to perform ECU Reprogramming or replace the ECU completely. One of the most common ways to damage an ECU is by Jump Starting, and this will cause the ECU to completely die.

The good news is that we are specialists in this field. We have software and equipment to remove the software entirely from the ECU and reprogram it straight to the other one if its water damaged or dead because of a jump start. Contact us today to see how we can help recover you by swapping the software over from one to the other.

ECU Repair Service

All of our ECU Repair Services are completed using an exceptionally advanced piece of kit that extensively examines the ECU to verify known and hidden faults.

An ECU is very sophisticated, and our ECU repair kit allows us to repair modern and older models of ECUs by providing us with incredibly accurate information by going in-depth to explore the ECU with its various inputs and outputs.

Not only do we use our test rigs, but our workshop is also very advanced kitted with all the latest technology and able hands on deck to provide you with the highest of standards of service.

ECU Exchange

Whether a repair or ECU Exchange. At ARS, we only source for the best. Unlike other garages that uses unusable ECUs that are just programmed once and cannot be changed, we only use the best models fully processed. You can be rest assured you will receive an entirely brand new functioning unit.

No knowledge required – We just expect you to send the old ECU so that we can determine the type of model needed for a replacement. We will send over a brand new unit which is plug-and-play. Just plug it in and you are good to go! No programming required.

The replacement cost depends on the model. We are highly competitive.

Contact us today regarding your replacement.