Road rage has been in advent since the invention of carriages or the use of horses for transportation, but researchers find that the phenomenon is becoming an even greater problem in our time. It could be attributed to the fast pace of our society, with everyone rushing to get everywhere at the same time and juggling a thousand things around the clock.

This would explain why drivers still use their phone while driving even when they know the harm they could come to as they are trying to catch up with lost input. Researchers believe that this business while driving has a lot to do with road rage

It has been noticed that people generally become more aggressive whilst driving. Road rage can be connected to various things like, reckless overtaking and unnecessarily racing other vehicles. The more serious forms involve packing the car and punching it out, or in more fatal variety, shooting it out.

Road rage was formerly attributed to only men, as research show they are more prone to rage. This would also explain why they have higher insurance premiums. Though men show more tendencies to outbursts of anger, women drivers too can have road rage.

This was considered as the number of women exhibiting road rage began to increase in number. This discovery supported the claim that life was moving quickly for everybody. But considering the nature of a man, it is still less likely for women to get involved in a brawl than it is for men.

Road rage can be manifested in even the mildest of personality. The aggression behind the wheel could be as a result of the frustration from not being able to relax or rest. It could also result from stored up anger left unattended to from other areas of his life.

He may feel like he’s losing control and the fear and need to take back control could explode into something frightening. The most common cause of road rage is the feeling of tiredness.

Road rage is very dangerous as it could lead you into fights, or exchanging hurtful words. In cases where this anger leads to accidents, the police would get involved to make arrests. This would lead to bail charges, court appearances or in worst cases having your license suspended or revoked permanently.

Road rage becomes a major problem when shoot outs occur. Anger tends to dull all sense of reasoning, leaving the individual with only the urge to act quickly. Jail terms, job losses are sure to follow. Letting one event on the road ruin your day is a sure sign that your road rage is getting unmanageable. You would keep thinking about it and tell whoever cared to listen about it. It’s really unhealthy as it could affect your mental health and working efficiency for that day.

There are a few measures you could take to curb the road rage sneaking up on you.

First you have to realize that road rage is a problem and that you need help. This would position your mind to detect rage and help to combat it.

Second, try the slow breathing technique when faced with a problem. This will slow down your heart rate and give your brain some time to assess the situation from a vantage point.

Lastly, having your children around helps you mind the things you say or do. Their watchful and adoring eyes seem to watch your every mood. This would help you manage your anger as you wouldn’t want to show them your dark side.

Road rage is a dangerous and self damaging phenomenon that if left unchecked could lead to the breakdown of our society as we know it.

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