What To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car

What To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car

When buying a used car, it is very vital to carefully look at the car both inside and out. This is to enable you determine if the vehicle in question is worth spending your dime on. Asides this, below are things you need to check out when buying a used car:


The first thing to check is the oil and other liquids in the engine; if the oil is black, that is a sign that it needs change. Also check the valve covers for signs of residues around the edges. If there are residues, then it’s time for valve cover gaskets to be changed.

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If the car’s odometer is mechanical, look at the far left wheel to check if there are any scratch marks. In the presence of any, then it’s possible the mileage may have been tampered with. Also, make sure that the same wheel is centered; if it is not aligned with the rest of the odometer wheels, that can be another sign of tampering.


Check out the tires and see what type of wear is shown; if the front tire is more on the left or right side of the tire tread, then that is a sign of poor alignment. One way to test alignment when driving is to drive at 30 and 60 miles per hour; if the car pulls to the left or right, the alignment can be out.

Transmission Fluid

Look at the transmission fluid while the car engine is running to see if it is full; put the car in reverse and all the other gears. Return to park and check the transmission dipstick; check out the colour of the fluid. If it is light pink or reddish, then this is good but if it is dark red, then it needs replacement.

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Lookout for rust

Check out the car along the frame and look for dust on the exhaust, inside the car and under the carpets to see if the car is a flood car. Another good place to check for rust is under the seat, if found, this is a big indicator of a flood car.

Once all these have been resolved, then it’s time to get a vehicle history report.

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