About us

Our focus is on helping you get the most value by following maintenace programs that deliver reliable and well maintained vehicles.

At ARS we have a commitment to you our customer. We want a lifelong relationship with you and your vehicle based on mutual trust and we also want to work with your friends and family.

With your cooperaton, we shall work to maintain your vehicle the way the manufacturer intended. We are on a mission to make motoring easier for all, and propose to be your lifelong partner in the upkeep of your vehicles for both maintenance and repair efforts.


The answer can be summed up in one word – COMMITMENT!

To achieve this commitment, we:

  • Always work to get to the root cause of all technical problems
  • Give you a peace of mind guarantee on all work we perform
  • Become the custodians of your vehicle maintainance program
  • Will always talk straight and truthfully with you about your maintenance and repair needs