Buying a new car can be a happy thing. There are drinks, toasts, and well wishes for the new car. Almost like the arrival of a new baby. But let’s step back a bit in the order of things. Some people have wondered ‘when is the best time to buy a car?’. It might be a necessity, but at what point could you get a good car and with good money. Here are a few suggestions:

Popular holidays and times of the year

Dealerships often offer huge discounts during special holidays in the guise of being jolly with the season. Though the discounts are aimed at bringing in more customers into the business, it’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage of, if you’re looking to buy a good car and still have some money left. Such seasons include, Christmas, first January, Independence Day, E.T.C End of years and months also prompt car dealerships to either offer discounts or drop car prices.


Like every business there are periods when selling of cars is low. To avoid going out of business, these dealerships drop the prices of the cars being sold to attract hopeful buyers. A good sturdy car could be bought at this time at an affordable price.

Dealerships in distress

As we all know, in the car dealing business, some, dealerships are more popular and therefore pull in a large number of customers. Cars sold there would be very expensive and should be avoided if we’re hoping to spend less than is needed. Dealerships with less business are the go-to. They offer good cars at affordable prices, helping you to get your dream car and not go bankrupt.

When rebates are offered

A rebate is the money paid back to you because you have spent too much. Dealerships sometimes offer rebates in other to attract customers to clear off their inventory. It’s a good opportunity to check out your dream car, and get it without denting your credit.

Black Friday

On black Fridays, most shoppers are struggling to buy the latest phones, laptops, shoes and all what not. But you could check out dealerships and see what awesome discounts are available. It’s the time of the month when dealers are trying to sweep out their stock after the months stocktaking. Discounts will be everywhere, promotions will also be thrown at your faces. Personally, I think it’s the best time to buy car.

At the end of the day

New car deal can be offered at the end of the day or even within the week. An eager salesman who has had a slow day will not let a serious customer leave without buying something. This is an opportunity to discuss terms and coax him or her into sell in at a price comfortable with you,

There are also bad times to buy a car; when the vehicle is in high demand, at the beginning of a new model year, before summer break, when you’re credit has some serious dents, beginning of months, years, and the days following to an important holiday. These periods are definitely not suitable times to purchase a car.



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